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Chapter 1: A fresh beginning (Link)

Chapter 2: Gigantic Garbodor! (Part1) (Part2)

Chapter 3: Virdian Deforested (Part 1) (Part 2)

Chapter 4: The School of Hard Rocks

Chapter 5: A Route to the Moon

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“Excellent choice. There are three other entrants ready and waiting. The format is single-elimination so you’ll only have to fight two battles maximum. Please follow me.”

Chester followed the greeter to a large hall. As she said, three other trainers were standing there waiting with their Pokemon.

“Welcome everyone to our beginners’ tournament! The rules are simple, each trainer will battle on other using only one Pokemon. The loser is knocked out and the winner advances. The winner will be receiving a Staryu as their prize.”

“Not much of a tournament with only four people,” said a spiky haired youth.

“Yes the pool is fairly small, even for a beginners’ tournament. However, I would imagine that you all would like to begin as soon as possible rather than wait around.”

“Right on old lady,” the youth replied.

Brushing aside the comment, the greeter paired up the new trainers and recorded which Pokemon each would enter. When all the preparations were finished, Chester turned to his opponent. She was a girl about his age. Her Pokemon would be an Eevee. Chester was glad it wasn’t a water or ground type.

“Hi, I’m Chester from Pallet Town. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too Chester. I’m Amy from Viridian City. I hope you’re prepared.”

“This is actually my first Pokemon battle! Don’t go easy on me though. Cinder and I are here to win.”

“Oh, a real beginner then. I already have a badge so we’ll see how far you can get! Go Eevee!” The Pokemon emerged from his Pokeball with cry. It was ready for battle.

“Alright Cinder, we’re not afraid of her right? Badge Schmadge. Lets win this!” Cinder let out a cry of her own as she jumped in. The greeter announced the start of the matches.

“Eevee, tackle!”

Before he could react, Amy and her Eevee were on the attack. Luckily Cinder was a little faster than her trainer and dodged away in time.

“Nice one Cinder! Use leer!”

Cider stared down her opponent with a menacing gaze. The Eevee drew back in intimidation, but Amy was undeterred.

“Find an opening! Use tail whip Eevee!”

Eevee rushed forward, and with a twisting motion struck Cinder with the tip of its tail. Hurt, but not defeated Cinder gave a small battle cry as Chester gave the order for tackle. Cinder rushed forward and smashed into Eevee. The force of the blow sent Eevee reeling backwards. It fell down defeated.

“Nice job Cinder, that was a critical hit!”

“Oh no! My poor Eevee! That was mean!” Amy shouted.

“The winners are Chester and Boyce. Please step forward”

“Sorry Amy, I hope your Eevee is okay.” Chester gave Amy a quick handshake and meek smile.

“Hmph. Since I lost, you better beat Boyce. I can’t lose to second best.”

Chester turned to face his new opponent. There was something about him that Chester didn’t like. His spiky hair and slouched posture gave off an air off aggression that intimidated Chester.

“You’re lucky. I just got this Bulbasaur and don’t have any other Pokemon to use.”

“Well then this should be an easy match for me.”

The start of the match was announced, and this time Chester was the fist on the offensive.

“C’mon Cinder lets win this quick so we can have a new friend to fight Brock with. Use ember!” With a shout, Cinder released hot sparks from her mouth. As they grazed by the Bulbasaur Boyce began his counter-attack.

“Use vine-whip Bulbasaur! Smash him into the ground.”

The opposing Bulbasaur was quick to react. It wrapped up Cinder in its vines, raised its captured opponent and threw him onto the ground. Cinder gave a sharp crry of pain.

“Oh no! Cinder! Are you okay?”

As she slowly picked herself up, Cinder gave a growl of approval.

“Okay Cinder one more time, use ember!”

Again, sparks flew from Cinder’s mouth. This time they hit the Bulbasaur dead on.

“Yes, it’s super effective!”

Chester and Cinder did a small victory dance to celebrate their first two battles and their first tournament win. Boyce returned his Bulbasaur to his Pokeball with a sour look on his face.

“You may have won this time, but just wait. We’ll rematch and my Pokemon and I will wipe the floor with you.”

“Yeah anytime Boyce!” Chester excitedly received the Pokeball from the greeter.

“Congratulations,” she said. “Here’s your new Staryu. Would you like to give it a name?”

“Yeah.” Chester looked at Cinder and smiled. “Hey Cinder, lets meet your new friend Burst!”

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Cinder burst from its Pokeball once more. “So you really don’t like being in there do you?” Chester asked his friend. Following a quick stop at the Pokemon Center for some more Pokeballs and other supplies, Chester and Cinder were ready to set off once more. Having only recently realized that he had forgotten to ask Professor Oak what gender Cinder was, Chester was happy to hear from Nurse Joy that his new Pokemon friend was in fact, a female. As they approached Viridian forest, Chester trembled with anticipation. He had heard about how dense the forest was and how diverse the Pokemon population was within. Eager to bring a new friend on his journey Chester turned to Cinder. “Well if you want to be outside so bad, how about I race you to the forest?”

Cinder gave a small cry before she broke out in a sprint. “Hey, that’s cheating!” Chester shouted after her. The little Pokemon was surprisingly quick and had already gained a sizable lead from its head start. Their small race eventually brought the two before a large building. Chester could hardly contain himself. He grabbed the hold of the door’s handle and pushed with all his might.

“Welcome to the Viridian Resort. How may we serve you today?”

“Wha… what?” Chester was taken aback. This wasn’t the entrance to the forest that he had imagined. He stood halfway in the entrance blinking in confusion. In front of him was a reception desk with two greeters. Above them was a large sign which read, “Viridian Resort: Relax, it’s natural.”

“What happened to the forest?” Chester asked more to himself than to the greeters.

“Oh Viridian Forest was brought down a while ago,” explained the man on the left. “Rocket Properties bought the land and changed turned it into this resort to give trainers a nice relaxing stop before taking on the Elite Four.”

“It was difficult to convince the government that tearing down the forest would be a good thing at first, and no one is quite sure where the Pokemon ended up, but business is booming and everyone seems to enjoy the resort immensely,” added the woman on the right. “I see you have a Cyndaquil with you. Would you like to participate in our beginners’ tournament?”

“Oh… um…” Chester was having difficulty processing the reality set before him. “They tore down the forest? No one knows where the Pokemon are? Why would they do something like that?” Chester’s mind was racing with questions, but he was snapped out of his musings by a tugging sensation on his leg. Cinder was jumping up and down next to Chester. The idea of a tournament had seemed excite her. “That’s right, we still haven’t gotten in a battle yet. Alright, Cinder and I would like to enter the tournament.” Chester figured that as terrible as it was that the forest was no more, he should at least try to enjoy himself while he was here.

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After reaching the Pokemon Center and turning over Cinder to Nurse Joy’s care, Chester began to talk to her about what he’d seen in the ravine. “Oh yes,” the Nurse explained. “Because Viridian City is such a popular area, we have a lot of people that pass through. In order to maintain our reputation and status as a must come tourist spot, we have very strict littering laws within the city. Unfortunately, most of the city council’s attention has been focused on the appearance of the city and some things, particularly our waste management, have been overlooked. We just dump our trash in the nearby ravine because its and easy way to get it out of sight.”

Right as she finished her explanation, someone came bursting through the door. He appeared to be wearing a trash disposal uniform. “Any one who has strong Pokemon please come help us immediately! My partner and I were on a routine trip to the ravine when suddenly, a gigantic Garbador appeared and knocked over our truck. We were able to hitch a ride with another disposal group, but the Garbador followed us and now it’s making its way into the city!”

Chester ran outside with the others in the Pokemon Center. Though initially they failed to see anything out of the ordinary, a distant thudding sound soon reached them. As the sound drew nearer, a Pokemon resembling a huge mountain of garbage came into view. As he stared in terror, Chester heard voice beside him yelling, “I told the city council that leaving our trash out unregulated would have dangerous consequences, but I never expected this!”

“Gary, you’re the gym leader of this city. Can you stop it?” the garbage man asked desperately.

“I can’t battle him with my Pokemon. You said he followed another garbage truck back here right? Where is it. We have to try to use it to lure this monster away.”

As the Garbador drew nearer, its full size left the growing crowd speechless. Towering at roughly three stories, it was the largest Pokemon that any one had ever seen. Chester watched as Gary Oak jumped in the garbage truck and raced away from the city. Seemingly intrigued by it, the Garbador turned to follow. While most of the crowd let out cries of relief to see the hulking figure turn, others expressed concern over their gym leader.

Chester had heard of Gary Oak multiple times growing up. He and Ash Ketchum were the last Pokemon trainers to set off from Pallet Town long before Chester himself. In all the confusion and panic of the situation, Chester had failed to really grasp who Gary was. Coming back to his senses, Chester rushed back into the Pokemon Center, retrieved Cinder, and ran out after Gary. He didn’t know how, but he knew he had to try and help any way he could.

When Chester began to near the ravine dump, he saw Gary Oak returning. “Gary,” he shouted. “I’m a new trainer from Pallet Town! I just got my Cyndaquil, but we both want to help in any way we can.”

“Pallet Town eh?” Gary responded as he approached. “It’s been far too long since a new trainer left from my hometown. Don’t worry, the Garbador isn’t going to bother us for a while. Apparently, it grew as a result of feeding off our trash dumped in the ravine. The truck was carrying fresh garbage that the Garbador wanted as a snack. I have to talk to the city council immediately though. We need to stop being such a wasteful city and regulate our dumping process. If things continue, that Garbador is only going to keep getting bigger, and eventually the trash in the ravine won’t be enough for it. Sorry kid, but it’s going to take a while for me to find a solution to this problem. I won’t be accepting challenges at the gym for a while. Why don’t you head on over to Pewter City and challenge the gym there? Come back when you have the rest of the badges. We should have found a solution by then.”

Upset that he wouldn’t be able to battle Gary just yet, Chester was nonetheless happy that danger for the city had been averted, at least temporarily. Confident that Gary would be able to find a long term solution for the citizens of Viridian, Chester set out for Pewter City. He knew that Viridian Forest would be on the way and was excited to finally see it for himself.

Green Up 2

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“C’mon Cinder, we’re almost there. Are you sure you don’t want to rest in your Pokeball?” Chester looked at his new Cyndaquil with both pride and worry. The Pokemon had been just as excited as Chester to start on their new journey together and insisted on staying outside of its ball. Though Pallet town was only a few miles outside of the world renowned Viridan city, the trek was taking quite the toll on the little critter. Chester had already promised himself that he would refuse any potential battles, but he was still worried that Cinder would faint from exhaustion before they reached a proper resting spot. Responding with a growl of determination, Cinder trudged onwards. “Hey, at least let me carry you for a bit.” Chester scooped up the shrew-like Pokemon. Cinder was pleasantly warm in Chester’s arms. A strong bond was already developing between the two partners.

As they approached the outskirts of the city, a putrid stench began to fill the air. Wrinkling his nose in disgust, Chester looked around for the source of the smell. It seemed to be coming a little off the main path. Chester followed the smell toward the edge of a large ravine. Peering over the edge, Chester was shocked to find the ravine was filled with all kinds of trash. Everything from bottles and machines to leftover food and broken toys had been thrown haphazardly into the area. Cinder cried out in protest as Chester tried moving closer to the sight, the smell was so strong it seemed to choke the air itself. He had to know where had all this garbage come from. While he stood there wondering, a large garbage truck appeared on the opposite side of the ravine. As the truck turned around to dump its load, Chester read “Viridian Disposal” on its side. Chester was taken aback. It appeared that the ravine was being used by Viridian city as a trash dumping site. However, there seemed to be no regard for safety or containment. Finding renewed energy, Chester raced toward the path to Viridian City. He was filled with questions and a burning need to talk to someone about the situation.

When Chester and Cinder finally reached Viridian City, the cleanliness of the city left Chester confused. The skyscrapers shined brightly in the sunlight, and the streets were wide and clear. Viridian City was a popular stop for both its Pokemon Gym, and its close vicinity to the Pokemon League. He wondered how a city that appeared so clean, could just dump its trash in nature with such disregard. Unfamiliar with the area, Chester decided that the Pokemon Center would be the best place to head first. Cinder needed a rest anyways.

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 Chester was up before his alarm broke the morning stillness of his room. “Today is the day,” he thought to himself. His hands tingled with an electric excitement as he reached for his trusty cap. Since Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak last left Pallet Town 30 years ago, the sleepy farming town had not seen a new trainer emerge from its midst. Despite everyone’s encouragement and well wishes, Chester Green couldn’t help but feel the pressure of expectation creep into the fiber of his very being.

“Breakfast time!” The familiarity of his mother’s summons felt unnaturally ordinary on a day where so much would change. As Chester walked downstairs, he felt hyper-aware of his surroundings. The staircase handle was smooth and cool under his hand. The walls were covered with cheery photos and warm memories. The table was tidy and inviting. The tomatoes … the tomatoes were abnormally large. Seeing his puzzles stare, his mother explained “Farmer Joey’s first crop of GM tomatoes were ready for harvest and I promised him that we’d help taste test the first batch. They were planted from new seeds scientifically modified by Pokesanto to make them bigger and sweeter than our regular ones.”

Chester thought that it was a bit odd that scientists were changing foods that had grown naturally since forever, but if Farmer Joey and his mom were okay with it then they should at least be safe to eat. As he bit the bright red fruit, his mouth was flooded with sweet pungent juice. Chester quickly scarfed down his breakfast, bore his mother’s lecture on safety and clean underwear, and ran outside faster than a Jolteon. As he approached the Professor’s lab, Chester’s anxiety turned to nervous excitement. He had already told the Professor what starter he wanted and it had been specially ordered just for him. His whole arm was shaking as he reached for the front door, but as the sturdy wood handle reached his fingertips he stopped short. He heard a commotion come from within.

“No Joey, I refuse to try this abomination that you call food! I have dedicated my whole life to the study of nature and its process so that we could better understand the world we live in, not tamper with its essence on a whim.”

“But Professor, everyone else in town says they taste delicious, and look at how big they are!”

“Yes, but you don’t know how safe the food is in the long term. What about those that prefer natural foods to GM crops? When those seeds enter the wild and cross with natural plants, we won’t be able to stop the consequences. Where will it end Joey? One day we alter the size, the next we change the very nature of the plant! I moved to Pallet Town because of its reputation for delicious fresh foods. Now you’re taking its long tradition of organic growth and throwing it out the window!”

Chester jumped back as the door burst open and felt the rush of wind fly past the tip of his nose. Farmer Joey stepped out looking crestfallen, but not deterred. “Well hey there little fella,” Joey greeted Chester with his typical foreign drawl. Chester was always entranced by Joey’s thick, assuring tone. “Off on your big adventure today ain’t ya? Good luck out there. The world is a big place. You and yerr Pokemon are gonna be great.”

“Thanks Joey. Even though the Professor doesn’t like them, I think your tomatoes are in the top percentage of all tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.”

Chester slowly stepped into the stark building. Despite being the leading expert on all things Pokemon, Professor Oak was a man of simple means and his lab reflected his straightforward views. As the wizened old Professor stood at his desk, Chester couldn’t help but be admire all he’d done for trainers and Pokemon everywhere. With a surprising flourish, the Professor turned and reached out. In his hand, the key to Chester’s dreams shone with a surreal light. Chester looked up into the professor’s kind face, and a smile slowly grew on both their faces.

“Young man, it has been far too long since I’ve last asked this, and today I could not be more proud of the person I’m asking it to. Without further ado, what would you like to name your new Cyndaquil?”

Green Up!